Rosen’s Rules

May 2, 2011 • Ethics and Quality • by

Jay Rosen

Like him or not, Jay Rosen, the oft-hailed Internet journalism “guru”, is more than prolific on the subject and worthy of consideration

A press critic, writer and professor of journalism at New York University, Rosen operates, a blog where he “observes journalisms’ habits” and attempts “to discover the consequences in the world that result from having the kind of press we do.” As his 25th year of teaching at NYU approaches, Rosen provides a thoughtful synopsis of his acquired wisdom on today’s journalism.

His list appears as follows:

1. The more people who participate in the press the stronger it will be.
2. The profession of journalism went awry when it began to adopt the View from Nowhere.
3. The news system will improve when it is made more useful to people.
4. Making facts public does not a public make; information alone will not inform us.

For Rosen’s elaborations, see

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