Legal Responsibility


Each individual EJO website has its own responsible party, who is thus responsible for the content published on his or her respective language version of EJO. EJO is not responsible for any links to external websites, only the author of the page in question may be liable. Those persons accepting legal responsibility for material published on EJO pages are listed as follows:

EJO Albanian – Prof. Asoc. Dr. Mark Marku

EJO Czech – Dr. Filip Lab

EJO English – Dr. David Levy of the University of Oxford

EJO German – Dr. Susanne Fengler

EJO Italian – Marcello Foa

EJO Latvian – Prof. Ainars Dimants

EJO Polish – Dr. Michal Kuś

EJO Portuguese – Prof. Gustavo Cardoso

EJO Romanian – Prof. Andra Seceleanu

EJO Serbian – Prof. Miroljub Radojkovic

EJO Ukrainian – Ruslan Deynychenko

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