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August 23, 2010 • Digital News, Specialist Journalism • by

Guardian creates governmental truth-tracking tool.

Emerging as leaders in “data journalism” and celebrated for launching a sharp bunch of free, simplified analysis tools, The Guardian releases its latest creation: The Pledge Tracker.  As Britain’s new coalition government (a Conservative/Liberal Democrat mashup) came to office, a great number of promises were made to the public. Four hundred and thirty-three promises, in fact.

The Guardian‘s pledge tracker, a sortable database of the coalition’s pledges, monitors the promises according to their fulfillment statuses (i.e. “Kept,” “Not Kept,” “In Trouble,” “Wait and See”). Pledges can be sorted by metrics such as party, topic and difficulty level. Simon Jeffrey, The Guardian’s story producer, says the idea was sprung from PolitiFact’s Obameter, used to monitor the U.S. president’s campaign promises (i.e. “Kept,” “Compromised,” “Stalled,” “In the Works”).

Read more at The Guardian.

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