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November 26, 2010 • Digital News • by

New app for journalists launches.

Qluso is a new online app that allows news editors to bid on exclusive stories from freelance journalists (in exchange for 10 percent of generated profit, of course). The app is designed to help news editors locate quality stories with the click of a mouse, while simultaneously helping freelancers connect with editors to receive competitive fees for journalistic work.

Journalists are able to create user profiles to host CVs, specializations, achievments, and the like. Story drafts are submitted using a dashboard feature where content is uploaded and stories are tracked. Supplements (photography, infographics) can be uploaded as well. Editors, meanwhile, are able to view story proposals and commision work. The whole system functions as a sort of eBay for news stories: bid reserves and time limits exist. Once an editor successfully bids on a story, he or she is allowed to automatically download the piece for publication or broadcast. Qluso even promises same-day payment.

For those existing in the grim and often uncertain freelancers realm, such tools may come to help level the playing field in the future.

See here for more on Qluso.

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