Worlds of Journalisms

November 24, 2009 • Specialist Journalism • by

Worlds of Journalisms,” a collaborative project conducted by journalism researchers across the globe, releases data for download on the Web.

A comparative study aimed at examining journalism cultures across nations, news organizations and professional milieus, “Worlds of Journalisms” gathers data from 1800 journalists working for 356 news organizations in 18 countries. Countries surveyed include Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Egypt, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Mexico, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Uganda and the United States. According to the project’s Web site, initial results suggest that detachment, providing political information and the watchdog function are journalism’s broadest appeals, while various aspects of objectivism and the importance of separating fact from opinoin appear to play out differently by country.

As the project’s research teams progress with data analysis, further results will be presented.

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