10 years of the EJO

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Every academic should want their work to be noticed, not by experts in the field, but by the wider public. This is especially true for an area of study that focuses on publicity and the dissemination of information: media studies. The fact that the practice of journalism is so separate from theory or the empiricism of scientific work is partly due to journalists’ perception of their role.... read more

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Media Economics

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New developments in the American news industry show promising signs of energy and excitement, according to the “State of the News Media 2014” report by the Pew Research Center. Even though the ground for traditional journalism is still shifting, the report concludes that there is a silver lining on the news horizon. “The level of new activity this past year is creating a perception that something important, perhaps even game-changing, is going on. If the developments in 2013 are at this... read more
Press Freedom and Censorship

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This article has been amended. A newspaper editor in Tajikistan is locked in a legal battle with academics over her right to publish an opinion piece. Olga Tutubalina, editor  of the country’s most popular newspaper, Asia-Plus wrote an opinion-based blog post on the newspaper’s website in May 2013 about a Tajik poet Bozor Sobir who had once... read more

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