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Newspaper industry panics are not new. In the 1990s declining circulations prompted Northwestern University, in the US, to survey 37,000 readers in 100 newspaper markets, to find out why sales were dropping. It found that feature-style writing increased reader satisfaction in a variety of topic areas, such as politics, sports, science, and health. A higher proportion of feature-style stories... read more

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German journalists are wary of the Internet. They fear that interactive and user-generated content might undermine their own professional status, according to a new study. Journalists in Germany also favour tighter state regulation of the Internet, although they are firmly opposed to any form of state intervention into the freedom of traditional media. Ulf Bernhard and Marco Dohle from Heinrich Heine University Dusseldorf* conducted an online survey of almost 1,700 German journalists to... read more
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On 15 September, the first issue of Reporter, a new Czech weekly, was launched by Robert Casensky, former editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper, Mlada fronta Dnes. Casensky hopes the new magazine could become the Czech version of The New Yorker or The Atlantic. Reporter’s newsroom consists of people who, like Casensky, left Mafra,... read more

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